Minimalistic Posters -The Marauders


Game of Thrones cast photos out of character.

I love these photos so much


Battery City History Museum (Section 4B, Zone Artifact archives)
A spiral notebook used in the Zones
c. 2020
From an anonymous donor
6.35'' x 6.23''
Artifact #004574

Complete collection
Notebook: 1


Bésame mucho - The Beatles

Yep, this is a thing.


My parents are lucky I was too lazy to go through a rebellious phase

"No matter how bad it gets, don’t give up. Always keep running. We will always be there for you. Just turn up the speakers, sing like nobody’s listening, dance like nobody’s there.” —Gerard Way.

69/100 photos of James Phelps 

credit phil hammond photography


Mikey Way on Famous Last Words